World Education Council Sets Global Standard in Online Education

WEC Certified Distance Learning Courses Guarantee Excellence and Insure Students Quality Education. Special Pricing Offered to Course Providers Who Desire WEC Seal.

GENEVA (July 26, 2011) — The World Education Council (WEC) has established the global standard of excellence for online education. To maintain that standard, WEC now certifies educational courses that meet specific criteria for quality and value to learners. The WEC Seal of Excellence is awarded to online educational courses that pass a rigorous independent evaluation based on transparent, objective standards.

“We have found a standard was needed in the distance learning and online educational platforms.” said Laura Lewis, president of WEC. “With so many new elearning courses being created and offered to students around the world, particularly those looking for ways to add more credentials to their educational portfolio, which in turn could improve their chances for securing better employment, the WEC offers a type of “insurance” that courses are worth the time and money they are investing in them.”

The World Education Council has a particular interest in courses that focus upon the sustainability, green, renewable energy and health oriented arenas. Courses recently certified by the WEC include Green IT – Information and Communications Technology for a Sustainable Future; Green Business & Sustainability Professional; Sustainable Ecotecture and Environmental Development. Courses awarded the WEC Seal may display the WEC Seal of Excellence wherever listed, assuring students that the course meets optimal requirements. A certificate of excellence for each course is also provided and awarded to the course provider or course designer.

The World Education Council, a Geneva-based, not-for-profit organization, is dedicated to assembling the knowledge capital, the resources and the technology to enable any person, anywhere, to reap the benefits of education. “WEC has established the certification program in support of education as an avenue toward better health and well-being, productive and sustainable livelihoods, and a hope for future generations. Certification will be awarded to courses that further that mission,” said Lewis.

From now until August 31, 2011, the WEC is offering a special promotional price for each course that is certified. Typically, the fee is 1250 euros, however, if courses are submitted for review prior to September 1, 2011, the reduced per course rate is 199 euros. A further reduced rate for bulk pricing is available for multiple courses submitted from one course provider.

More information about the World Education Council may be found at

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  • “As a student, when I see an online course is certified by the WEC I know that I can trust that it meets the highest standards in elearning.” Yannick, The Republic of Cameroon

  • “The WEC is dedicated to setting the global standard of excellence in the elearning arena and desire to have others onboard who share the same passion.” Laura Lewis, President

  • “Not all elearning courses meet high standards. The World Education Council fills the void, providing certification of excellence in courses offered...

    Stephen Gatlin, Founder and CEO

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